Gossamer Rozen is a transgender, gender non-binary, biracial person of color whose work is deeply personal and touches on intimacy and self-actualization. Gossamer uses art as a way to cope with their own emotions, and as a way to get difficult and overwhelming thoughts out of their mind and into the world. Gossamer began as a maker with an interest in game design, narrative illustration, comic books, and children's' book illustrations. Their current body of work explores a variety of media post-graduation from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2012, including but not limited to woodcarving, soft sculpture, doll making, and textile art. The slow process of hand sewing, hand carving, and drawing is meticulous and repetitive, a type of meditation and coping method that is integral if not more important than the finished work. Gossamer is particular about material, exploring the use of old, worn and antique fabrics and papers in their work, inhaling inspiration from these objects and exhaling new life with their touch.

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[email] info@gossamerrozen.net
[instagram] FINE ART @gossamer.r
[instagram] TATTOOS @grelysian